On the other hand…

I thought I would add this more positive review, on top of my recent experience with a bad client, as it is easier sometimes to reflect upon the negative experiences, and not mention the more abundant and positive experiences that I\’ve had so far as a voiceover artist.

This one was for a 30 second internet ad, with travel-based subject-matter. Lovely well-written script, and a nice jazzy, uplifting piece of music accompanying the video. I was given the video clip with music to record onto, and a nicely worked out timed script.

There are jobs sometimes which are just on your wavelength. The production and direction is quality, the script is excellent, and it inspires a best performance from you, the artist. Anyway, this one was done in one take, no amends, and my client extremely happy with the result. You want every job to go this smoothly.

As well as that, my client paid on the day. No stalling, no forgetting to release funds in Escrow, no waiting for 60 days for the next corporate cheque-run. Just a straight and honest business-to-business transaction from one professional to another. Now that folks, is the way I like to do business, whether it\’s for a client or whether I\’m the one hiring!